Digital Impressions

Dr. DOrlando 1In our continued effort to provide the highest levels of comfort and convenience along with quality outcomes for our patients, we have introduced our newest digital impression scanner to our practice.

For those who find that “old school” process of messy impressions as uncomfortable or causing gagging, our digital scanning technology eliminates those problems. The scanner provides exceptional digital images in typically three to five minutes using a small pen like instrument. The images capture precise details of both your teeth and gums which then form the basis for the completion of several types of dental restorations including crowns, implants bridges and orthodontics.

In a nutshell, digital impressions offer you these advantages:

  • eliminates the need for messy, multiple impressions and associated gagging
  • allows the fitting of more accurate restorations
  • reduces the possibility for impression errors
  • patients can view images in real time
  • restorations can be completed in our office