Cosmetic Imaging Center

Imaging Center

Our smile evaluation photograph imaging software can show before and after photographs of any proposed cosmetic services. It will show you what your smile will look like after teeth are straightened or whitened. It can fill spaces where your teeth are missing or repair chips in your teeth. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This picture can be worth a new smile. You will see a new you!

So what are the benefits of the Cosmetic Imaging Software?

  1. See how you would look after receiving cosmetic dentistry
  2. Review and show your family your results before receiving treatment
  3. Get excited and understand how your smile could look

At Advanced DDS, our doctors will only present necessary dental treatment to our patients. Each dental treatment is customized to what is best for the patient and their needs. We do not allow your insurance company to be dictate what is best for you and your oral health. 

We would like to give anyone interested in creating a new smile an opportunity to see what can be done with modern cosmetic dentistry. Please call us at (516) 825-1100 and schedule a no risk appointment for your complimentary cosmetic imaging consultation.

Don’t have time to come in to our office for a complimentary cosmetic imaging consultation?

No problem, you can now email us a photo of your big smile at and we’ll send you a picture of how your smile could look after cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic Imaging Inforgraphic