Cone Beam CT Scanning

In a continuing effort to provide our patients with the most convenient treatment options, Advanced DDS now provides CT scanning. This is possible with our newest technology, the PaX-i3D Green: a dental imaging machine which provides high resolution images in multiple views of your mouth and jaw. The 3D imaging allows us an innovative way to determine the best treatment options. The greatest benefit to you, perhaps, is that the PaX-i3D can reduce X-ray exposure up to 60%.

PaX-i3D Green OP Cone Beam ScannerFor our implant patients, this also means you no longer need to have your CT images done elsewhere.  Your treatment planning from start to finish is all done in our office. This includes taking CT images, placing your implants (with sedation, if necessary), and finishing your final restoration. The result is your bright new smile and, as importantly, proper dental function.

CT mapping is the first important step which allows for the proper placement of implants. Dr. Raskin will assess your bone density using three dimensional images in order to determine the exact placement for the implant, or if there is additional work needed for bone grafting. Historically, dental imaging has been grainy, making it difficult to read.  Sometimes, even images done with a more advanced type of X-ray providing panoramic images can be difficult to use. However, the CBCT makes taking an image of the patient easier for both doctor and patient.   The Cone Beam system uses Adaptive Layer Control, which is a feature that solves the issue of poor clarity on overlapping images. This allows us to focus on specific areas more clearly.

The process is as easy as standing in place and listening to simple instructions; you’ll even have music playing during the scans. Prior to this machine’s existence, you would have been referred to a radiologist for these images. It could often take some time to get an appointment with the radiologist, as well as to get the follow up appointment to review the images and the upcoming procedures. That process could take up to two weeks. With our Cone Beam scanning, you can complete this in only one appointment because the actual scan takes roughly 20 seconds. Completing this in a single appointment certainly saves you valuable time. Additionally, our CT scans are safer than their predecessors, with less radiation than all other forms of dental diagnostic testing.

Dr. Raskin takes pride in his patients’ loyalty to him and his staff. This is why he is always looking for new ways to reduce your need for multiple appointments.