Dental Bonding

Bonding Inforgraphic

Dental bonding is a process that greatly improves the appearance of your smile. With the application of special filling agents, we can reshape, restore, and rejuvenate your teeth all while improving their function and the appearance of your smile. A layer of specialized plastic is matched to your tooth color and then sculpted to fit. Dr. Raskin may use bonding for chipped, cracked, misshapen, broken, or stained teeth or for spaces between teeth. 

How does Dental Bonding Work?

First we will apply a solution to receive the bonding material and specially designed to create the proper surface texture of the tooth area to be repaired. A very thin composite plastic resin bonding material is then placed on the tooth which hardens and bonds using a special light. We will then shape it properly so that it’s smooth and matched to your specific tooth coloring. The bonding material is then polished to create a perfectly smooth surface area. While the procedure takes roughly an hour or two, your results will last several years.

Is there just one type of bonding?

Actually, there are two types of dental bonding; one is designed to repair small simple fillings, and the second is used for more complex fillings. More complex fillings would require at least two appointments and the use of a temporary filling while a lab makes a custom-shaped filling. These porcelain fillings are more natural-looking, resist staining, and are longer lasting.

How natural looking is dental bonding?

Bonded teeth can greatly improve your smile while performing the same function as your natural teeth. The bonding material is designed to be color matched to your existing tooth shade so people will not be able to tell you had any dental work done.

Our doctors have extensive experience in cosmetic bonding work, so you can be confident your teeth will function properly and your smile will look exceptional!